Ang Dolma Sherpa


Ang Dolma Sherpa is an environmentally and culturally engaged social entrepreneur who won the top ‘ideator’ award at Idea Studio Nepal 2019 for her concept of Biodegradable Khatak (Tibetan traditional offering scarves) and Lungta (Buddhist prayer flags). This led her to open Utpala Craft in Nepal in 2020, encouraging a shift from synthetic khatak and lungta to biodegradable ones in response to the discovery of microplastics in Himalayan glaciers. Ang Dolma carries out community education initiatives in her native Sherpa Nation in Nepal and is part of an international movement along with scholars and researchers from India, New Zealand and Canada: Biodegradable Blessings. Find out more online by searching ‘Biodegradable Blessings’ or ‘biodegradable prayer flags’.

Stories from Ang Dolma Sherpa

Navigating the Crossroads: Reconsidering Synthetic Prayer Flags on Everest

Hung in devotion and intended as a symbol of victory, instead synthetic prayer flags are a cause of pollution, clashing with Buddhist environmental ethics.