Cecilia Mwangi


Cecilia is a Kenyan IT graduate who chose to follow her dreams of becoming a freelance copywriter. For 8+ years, she has worked with agencies, independent clients, and freelancing platforms. She loves writing about travel destinations, personal finance, business, iGaming, and health and wellness topics. When she is not on her keyboard cooking up a storm with words, Cecilia loves travelling, reading, and pampering her two beautiful children and a furbaby. You can check out her blog or connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Stories from Cecilia Mwangi

Finding a Cure in Maasai Herbal Medicine

A toothache leads to the discovery of a surprising reliance on plants amongst Maasais in Kajiado County, Kenya.

What I Learned From the Satisfying Life of a Donkey Conductor

For hundreds of years, Lamu Island has lured visitors with its sleepy coastal vibe. Perhaps this charm offers a deeper lesson.