Elsa Dixon


Elsa Dixon is an award-winning freelance writer and contributor to stock photography sites who has been leading custom tours to South Africa and other countries since 2006. The company, TravelswithElsa LLC, has an active website and blogging component and lists her articles. She has published a biography of her father, an iconic South African entertainer (PIET wat POMPIES was), and a global award-winning memoir, Hippos, Hotspots, and Homelands. Recently retired, she also runs a private piano teaching studio. Headshot photo: HM Cotton

Stories from Elsa Dixon

Discovering Creole Cuisine on the Exotic Island of Réunion

Cultural fusion creates a unique blend of flavours where France meets Mozambique, India, China, Madagascar, and Comoros.

Beyond the Safari: My Journey with Jeremiah

A return trip to Tanzania offers a chance to experience unexpected aspects of the country.