Erin Coyle

Storyteller / Local Expert

Erin Coyle is a freelance writer and ESL teacher based in Oman. Her work has been published in the Oman Observer, Go World Travel, Wander with Wonder, Confetti Travel Cafe, Rovology, Foodie Flashpacker, among others. She also lived in China for five years, teaching ESL. Erin's travels have taken her to Southeast Asia, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East, East and South Africa. She is always planning her next trip.

Stories from Erin Coyle

Al Ayjah, the Catch of the Day, and Innate Hospitality in Sur, Oman

When you’re ready to get off the beaten path and enjoy true relaxation, head for the peaceful seaside pleasures of Sur.

The Welcoming Nature of Wadi Tiwi

Finding unlimited generosity in the local hospitality and wonderment in this very special place.