Halima A. Abdullahi

Local Expert / Storyteller

Halima is a freelance travel, food and real estate content writer, copywriter and avid researcher with many years of experience. She is a writer who is passionate about helping businesses and websites gain visibility and generate profitable leads through engaging, informative, and high-quality writing services. Aside from writing, she loves helping budding writers learn how to effectively hone their writing skills. She’s also an unapologetic foodie and a travel enthusiast who dreams of travelling around the world and trying out different delicacies from various parts of the world.

Stories from Halima A. Abdullahi

Wedding Celebrations, Flavourful Local Food, and an Ancient Pottery Market in Ilorin Emirate City, Nigeria

Because of its location, Ilorin is often considered a gateway city, but it’s a destination in and of itself to enjoy rich and diverse African cultures in a peaceful environment.

Meet the Women Artisans Preserving Tradition in Nigeria

The Dada artisans in Ilorin, Kwara State are reviving African pottery with their unique designs.