Jean-Claude Razel

Resonate Team

Jean-Claude Razel has 30+ years of experience in the adventure business. Initially focused on mountaineering and climbing, he is now active in all aspects and his company, Alaya, is the leading outdoor adventure provider in Brazil. Jean-Claude is currently an Educator for AdventureEDU, the training branch of the ATTA. Very much concerned with sustainability, he is also an Educator for Ecological Transition at French universities in Paris, Lyon and Dijon. As a manager of the Brazilian National Rafting Team, he won six world championships. French-born Jean-Claude lives in Chamonix; in his spare time, when he’s not exploring the great outdoors, he plays the piano and sings rock ‘n’ roll with his band.

Stories from Jean-Claude Razel

A Transition Trip for Adventure Travellers

Expert Jean-Claude Razel talks us through the shift from growth to sufficiency, and considers what destinations need.