Jeanett Andrea Søderstrøm


Jeanett Andrea Søderstrøm is a freelancer, communications advisor, mother of two, and podcast host of I lys av døden (a podcast about how death affects our lives and society). She holds a master in responsible tourism and has through previous intrepid traveling and years of living abroad, been passionate about sustainable living and traveling, environmental conservation, and community-based advocacy efforts. Jeanett currently lives in Oslo, Norway.

Stories from Jeanett Andrea Søderstrøm

Horse-Drawn Carriages and Decorated Eggs: Embracing the Timeless Traditions in Romania’s Apuseni Mountains

Slowing down in the Apuseni Mountains is a temporary way of stepping back in time.

Savouring Stories and a Home-Cooked Meal at Casa Țara Beiușului

Visiting a home in rural Romania offers a peek into culinary and craft traditions that still define the country.