Khalid Ismail


Khalid Ismail is a freelance writer and travel blogger hailing from Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. He embarked on his freelancing journey in 2019 and actively collaborates with clients on Fiverr and through direct partnerships. Khalid also specializes in crafting SEO-optimised articles related to solar energy systems, SaaS, Science and Technology, and other niches. His work has found its way into numerous online publications, showcasing his expertise in these domains. In addition to his passion for writing, he possesses a deep appreciation for photography, which complements his travel blog content. You can reach out to him on Facebook.

Stories from Khalid Ismail

Thoqsi Khar — The Mosque on the Mountaintop

Taking a journey to a remote holy place seven centuries old, an adventure that immerses visitors in Baltistan's beauty, history, and culture.