Mathia Pacenti

Traveller / Storyteller

Mathia Pacenti is based in Northern Norway. He lives in the Vesterålen archipelago, where eagles fly and the Northern Lights illuminate his path. Italy is his country of origin, a birthplace that instilled a big passion for history and geography — and a deep sense of community and traditions. Mathia also believes in the ideas of cultural sharing and travel sustainability. He began his career by jumping into international tourism, rapidly improving his skills in the hotel and service industry. After a long pilgrimage, he arrived in Norway; for Ethical Travel Portal he now introduces visitors to the dramatic northern landscapes he’s fallen in love with.

Stories from Mathia Pacenti

The Lighthouse Island of Litløya

Where travellers can live a unique experience surrounded by the sea, immersed in the nature of an island that belongs to a truly remote past.

Between Earth and Sky: the Great Beauty of Siena and Val d’Orcia

Being born in the Siena area is a precious opportunity to live surrounded by a unique and timeless landscape.