Mwende Mutuli Musau

Storyteller / Activist / Traveller

Mwende Mutuli Musau is a freelance writer from Kenya. She covers travel, culture, and food for an array of international publications. Mwende is an ardent African traveler who began exploring the world in her early childhood and it has become a part of her lifestyle. Mwende also has a passion for content creation; she actively creates travel content on Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube. During her leisure time, she's a healthy girl who eats sustainably and is a fitness fanatic. Mwende enjoys spending time in nature, reading books, and yoga.

Stories from Mwende Mutuli Musau

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When she was cast out of her community, Rebecca Lolosoli founded a village where women could safely live with their children.

Orange for Friendship: My Month of Learning the Language of Maasai Beads

When she left for volunteer work in the Maasai Mara, Mwende Mutuli Musau didn’t know she’d be gifted with the stories of traditional bead-making.

The Maasai Play a Key Role in Saving the Great Migration from Extinction

The Great Migration is considered one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, but it faces dire climate, political, and cultural challenges.

The Pioneering Town of West African Weaving

Celebrating the Ghanaian destination that weaves a fabric of rich traditions.