Son Dang

Local Expert / Storyteller

Son Dang is the motivator of the Footprint Travel team. His work ethic is unsurpassed with drive, desire, determination, and discipline. Son co-recreated Footprint Travel and Puluong Retreat, and continues to pursue his dreams in the travel industry. He believes that life and travel are one in the same and take his ideas of learning and sharing into everything he does. The notion of responsible travel has been and always will be a big part of Son’s work and life.

Stories from Son Dang

Street Food, Cyclo Rides, and a Mid-Autumn Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam

The capital of Vietnam is an inviting city where cultures, incredible sights, and even better food await around each bustling street corner.

The Flavours and Traditions of Vietnamese Tea Culture

Vietnamese tea culture is thousands of years old and continues to carry deep significance today.