Sophie Baker

Storyteller / Local Expert

Sophie Baker is a freelance travel, content, and equestrian writer with a decade of experience. She lives in South Africa and has been published both locally and internationally. When she’s not telling stories about the people, places, and cultures she’s encountered, she can usually be found cooking, tasting new foods and wines, or riding her horse. To find out more about her work or read more articles, visit her online or on LinkedIn.

Stories from Sophie Baker

In a Rush to Slow Down: What I Learned by Coming Face-to-Face with a Rhino

A horseback safari in South Africa is more than an opportunity to see the Big Five.

Sculpture Art, Access to Wildlife Reserves, and Urban Regeneration in Johannesburg, South Africa

People tend to be familiar with Johannesburg’s Sandton area, but venturing into its other neighbourhoods offers deeper access to this multi-cultural metropolis.