Emily Cathcart

Local Expert / / Resonate Team / Storyteller

From her base in Ireland, Emily Cathcart was delighted to join Resonate as a Content Manager and has been revelling in the opportunity to collaborate with writers worldwide ever since. Emily enjoys encouraging authors through the creation process and also helping non-writers to tell their tales — all with Resonate’s ethical principles in mind. When she isn’t busy commissioning or editing, she can be found, camera in hand, seeking out-of-the-way discoveries for her own site that’s literally All About Dublin. And when Emily’s not working on any/all of the above, she’s writing articles and photo essays as a freelance journalist for publications from boutique magazines to national newspapers.

Stories from Emily Cathcart

A Spiritual Journey to Vaishno Devi

Far more than a famous shrine, Vaishno Devi is a destination that brings forth a fountain of emotion.

A Maltese Foodie in Alabama

In Alabama, food is intimately tied to the local history and culture.

In a Rush to Slow Down: What I Learned by Coming Face-to-Face with a Rhino

A horseback safari in South Africa is more than an opportunity to see the Big Five.

On Your Way to Loneliness, Stop By 4S, Delhi

4S is an unremarkable hole-in-the-wall bar in Delhi, but it was essential at just the right time.

Rolling Hills, Tea Plantations, and a Mythical Garden of Eden in Murang’a, Kenya

Stunning panoramas, once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters and heritage experiences abound in Murang’a.