Emily Cathcart

Resonate Team

From her base in Ireland, Emily Cathcart was delighted to join Resonate as a Content Manager and has been revelling in the opportunity to collaborate with writers worldwide ever since. Emily enjoys encouraging authors through the creation process and also helping non-writers to tell their tales — all with Resonate’s ethical principles in mind. When she isn’t busy commissioning or editing, she can be found, camera in hand, seeking out-of-the-way discoveries for her own site that’s literally All About Dublin. And when Emily’s not working on any/all of the above, she’s writing articles and photo essays as a freelance journalist for publications from boutique magazines to national newspapers.

Stories from Emily Cathcart

Architectural Contrasts, a Literary Legacy, and First-Rate Food in Dublin, Ireland

Old collides with new in Dublin, a European capital that’s steeped in history but accelerating quickly into the future.

Leave No Trace

When spending time exploring the great outdoors, no matter where or why you get outside, it’s yours to protect.

Breakfast in a New York Minute

When there’s no time to sit down for a morning meal, the perfectly portable bagel gets the day off to a flying start in the Big Apple.

The Joys of Staying Close to Home

Think small: by narrowing your focus, you can expand your travel horizons in surprising ways.

Mind Your Language: Bridging the Communication Gap

We may not be fluent in the local dialect, but there’s more than one way to connect with each other.

Samhain: Digging Up the Celtic Roots of Halloween

The holiday takes many forms worldwide; but as its birthplace, Ireland has a particular claim to creepy fame.

Have We Lost Our Cool When It Comes to Travel Hotspots?

Tourism is feeling the heat. What’s the responsible approach to travel when seeking ‘a little sun’ becomes potentially dangerous?

Keeping it Real: Authenticity in Travel Writing

When just about anyone can claim to have knowledge of a place, how do we separate travel reality from travel fiction?

Community Includes Everyone

We begin our journeys by understanding our own place in the world; we grow by trying to understand everybody else’s.

Learning to Love Our Travel Misadventures

We can be seduced by romantic travel articles and sexy social media. But that kind of perfection isn’t always what we get — and so much the better.

Getting Full (Super)Market Value

In any destination, it’s surprising just how much we can learn from browsing the aisles in the nearest supermarket.

Choosing The Road Not Taken: Bin the Bucket List

Why do we follow the same path everyone else does? It's time to take a look at what overtourism means for destinations and embrace alternatives.